Restoration Fund

The roof of St Mark’s is watertight and in sound condition but the church requires improvements internally to offer a fresher, warmer and more inclusive environment.

As identified in this years (2010) quinquennial inspection by our architect, we need to raise £69900 for immediate work to ensure the future of this building. This work needs completing
by the end of 2011."church/

In addition to this, the church requires a flexible and more open place to worship. The existing chancel arch platform is small, is giving-way and requires re construction if it is to remain in service. The PCC have therefore investigated various proposals and agreed to rebuild and enlarging the platform so that it links with the Lady Chapel platform. This removes the up and down step arrangement that is currently awkward and unifies the levels into a coherent sanctuary platform.

Incorporating underfloor heating into the platform structure will assist in improving the temperature within the church. Replacement of the existing undersized radiators and introduction of suspended re- circulating fans and an additional boiler completes the

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The Church has no ancillary spaces for small meetings or making cups of tea and coffee, this is restrictive for us.  Given that there is under used floor space at the west end of the church, it is proposed to resolve this issue with the introduction of new screens forming a vestry,
meeting room and service facility rooms including a toilet.

The existing wind organ constantly requires maintenance and the PCC feel they can no longer spend money on an ageing instrument that does not have a particularly good sound.  We would like to replace the instrument with a new electronic three Manual organ with draw stops and thirteen high quality speakers to offer a far superior overall sound capable of concert performances. As a bonus the organ chamber will be become free of equipment and be converted into a small enclosed chapel, which will be ideal for midweek services, especially during the colder months of the year. The original organ pipes and oak support framework will be re worked and used for speaker shielding at the west end of the church.

Re decoration and refurbishment of the lighting system including re wiring completes the PCCs needs and refurbishment of their cherished building.

The total cost for all this will be approximately £450,000.

To achieve this we need your help.

Please donate to our Restoration Appeal and help us save this church not only for this generation, but for future generations.

To donate, either click on the link or send your donations to

St Marks Restoration
The Vicarage
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